Climatical Research
What you can do

What you can do

Everyday things to live more sustainably

Regional fruit and vegetables

How absurd is it that we have so many different varieties of apples in our supermarket? Yet only a small fraction of the assortment is from our own country. Next time you have the money, just go for regional fruits and vegetables. After all, you’re also supporting the regional agricultural and economy.

Consciously save energy

Quite strange to have to mention something like that, however, the TV doesn’t have to be on when you’re not even in the room. The same goes for heating when you’re not at home and lighting the garden at night. Who do you want to impress with the decoration at night?

Avoid unnecessary bags

To pack bananas, which naturally have a thick skin, in a plastic bag is absurd. After all, you don’t usually eat the peel anyway. For other fruits and vegetables, transparent reusable bags are excellent. Often the supermarkets themselves sell such bags.

Reflect before buying certain things

Everyone has regretted a purchase at one time or another. Be it clothing or an electronic device, which is anyway just lying around. Before certain buys, with it is not meant the purchase in the supermarket, consider the next time whether one would still make the buy in certain time intervals.

Do not think twice, start now

If the desire is not there, just remember this: There are 86,400 seconds in a day. If it takes less than 60 seconds, then do it!