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Interview with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kuttler

Introduction On March 19th, 2021, I interviewed Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kuttler. Due to technical difficulties - on that day the servers of Instagram and WhatsApp were also unavailable for certain times - we held this interview by... Learn more ... "Interview with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kuttler"


Professor Doctor Frithjof Küpper

Professor Doctor Frithjof Küpper is an internationally known marine biologist and is also very much involved with climate change. I interviewed him because he has already been able to demonstrate in the past in Marl why climate change cannot be ignored.

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Professor Doctor Wilhelm Kuttler

Professor Doctor Wilhelm Kuttler is a climatologist from Essen at the University of Duisburg-Essen. He particularly shines with his life experience and deep expertise in his field. He is the author of numerous literatures and significantly contributes to the research of urban climatology.

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Marler Chemical Park

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What you can do

Everyday things to live more sustainably

Regional fruit and vegetables

How absurd is it that we have so many different varieties of apples in our supermarket? Yet only a small fraction of the assortment is from our own country. Next time you have the money, just go for regional fruits and vegetables. After all, you’re also supporting the regional agricultural and economy.

Consciously save energy

Quite strange to have to mention something like that, however, the TV doesn’t have to be on when you’re not even in the room. The same goes for heating when you’re not at home and lighting the garden at night. Who do you want to impress with the decoration at night?

Avoid unnecessary bags

To pack bananas, which naturally have a thick skin, in a plastic bag is absurd. After all, you don’t usually eat the peel anyway. For other fruits and vegetables, transparent reusable bags are excellent. Often the supermarkets themselves sell such bags.

Reflect before buying certain things

Everyone has regretted a purchase at one time or another. Be it clothing or an electronic device, which is anyway just lying around. Before certain buys, with it is not meant the purchase in the supermarket, consider the next time whether one would still make the buy in certain time intervals.

Do not think twice, start now

If the desire is not there, just remember this: There are 86,400 seconds in a day. If it takes less than 60 seconds, then do it!

Climate change explained



Climate change has been on most people’s minds since Greta Thunberg at the latest.

Even if you don’t like her, we unfortunately forced to admit that climate change is, and ever has been, the greatest threat to humanity.

Almost every process emits greenhouse gases. The car, animal keeping and electricity power generation.


Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases from factories

CO2, CH4 and maybe SF6. You may have heard all these formulas before, but what do they mean?

These are all greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are released into the air by burning fossil fuels and settle in our atmosphere. [1]


Earth's fragile atmosphere

The Earth’s atmosphere is thin and fragile. Moreover, it is a requirement for the emergence of life on a planet. Greenhouse gases settle and linger in it for several years. Methane has a residence time of about ten years, nitrous oxide of about 100 years and hexafluoroethane even of about 10,000 years. It is a bit more complicated with CO2, since much of it is already re-bound by the ocean and by plants on earth. However, it is said that half is removed after about a few decades.

This deposition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere results in the development of a thick film, which leads to an enhanced greenhouse effect. [2] [3] [4]

Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse with flowers

Greenhouses are used especially in the gardening industry. They store the sun’s heat and thus enable a warm environment without energy usage. The earth does almost the same. The sun rays that fall on the earth are reflected back into space. As a result, they have to pass through the Earth’s thick atmosphere. Parts of the radiation are stopped by the atmosphere and the greenhouse gases in it and are reflected back to the earth.

Concluding, you notice the following: The more greenhouse gases, the more heat is trapped. [5]

Is Climate change now man-made or not?

Unfortunately, the conclusion is that increased emissions from humans are related to the rising temperature since then. Not only are these two phenomena related, but we also understand the science behind them. It is impossible that it is just natural climate change.

Yes, there is natural climate change, but….

Snowy Glacier

Today, it is possible to differentiate exactly and to prove that the CO2 emissions come from e.g. factories. The carbon atoms of CO2, which are produced by burning fossil fuels, are different from those that are “naturally” present in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, it has always been the case that an increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was a consequence of the rise in temperature and not the cause, as it is today. Today it is getting warmer because more CO2 is being emitted. Back then, more CO2 was released because it was getting hotter. It got hotter because certain natural events affected the climate. [6][7]

Our CO2-Budget