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NRW speaks up

NRW speaks up


Below you will find opinions on climate change from people all over NRW (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia). Those people were allowed to express their free opinion. Excluded from the publication are opinions that claim false facts.

Donald Trump shouting

“The biggest problem I see is that politicians and individuals around the world are turning a blind eye. They consciously ignore expert opinions and a young person’s voice is dismissed as truancy.”

~ Marvin G, 16 years, from Rees

starving polar bear

“I’m disturbed by the idea that the polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising.”

Jasmin G, 18 years, from Essen


“The consequences of climate change are so numerous that I find it hard to focus on one thing. Tomorrow’s children will ask us why we didn’t do more. Then we’ll have the salad.”

Author of Nico Schuwald, 17 years, from Marl

boy with mask

“Climate change – a problem that cannot simply be postponed. The issue must be omnipresent even during this major pandemic, so as not to forget its importance. We must act NOW, before it is too late!”

Leon D, 17 years, from Marl

“People always say we’re too young to make such important decisions, but it’s also important that we make a difference and are taken seriously in the process!”

Tabea S, 17 years, from Duisburg